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Grow your customer relationships in a simplified way

Get one CRM made especially for Marketing Agencies.

Too much time spent in meetings?

Forget about meaningless meetings. With Octoki, you can assign tasks, and keep track of the time spent.. Automate notifications and keep your team informed about priorities and strategies on your client’s account.

Are you subscribed to more than three tools to get the best of each?

Marketing Agencies use many CRM that are adapted to their needs. Octoki is a CRM created especially for Marketing Agencies. It’s an all-in-one tool. Forget about integrations!

Is your agency growing and needs better task management?

Octoki’s Automatic Pipeline allows you to set different roles for your clients’ accounts. Using this feature, you can assign tasks and different permissions to Account Managers, SEOs, Designers, or Developers. Get to know how much time is spent on those assignments.

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And also…

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Report Automation

Do not spend time on reports. Get the team concentrated on hard tasks while Octoki makes automatic reports. Select what the customer wants to see before delivering.

Multiple Clients Management

Optimize your clients’ campaigns with the Multi Campaign Manager. Create customized rules to be notified about any specific issue your clients’ accounts may have.

Optimized Email Communication

Keep a record of all your customer conversations. Forget about forwarding emails or lost unreplied messages. With Octoki Email Assistant, create rules and assign incoming messages to specific members of your team. Optimize your communication by 80%!

See Octoki in action!

Get one CRM made especially for Marketing Agencies

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