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The complete CRM made for digital marketers

Octoki is a complete software that includes the best of the other tools, avoiding you to subscribe to several CRM services separately.

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One Software for all your marketing needs

5 minute onboarding. Reduce costs. Increase profitability. Manage clients. And so much more…

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Plans from 15€

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Is this on your everyday agenda?

Having too many tools

Marketing Agencies work with tools adapted to them. Octoki is a CRM made FOR agencies and freelancer marketers. Forget about integrations.

Is this on your everyday agenda?

Managing multiple clients

Create as many rules as you need. Be notified about any issue that your client’s campaigns may have. Optimize your campaigns using Octoki analytical tools.

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Is this on your everyday agenda?


You won’t have to spend not even a minute a month making a report. You can edit what the customer sees on the automatic reports.

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Why Octoki is the best Pipedrive alternative?

Who is Octoki a perfect buddy for?

Enhance individual or team performance!

Freelancers marketers

Manage all your customer from one channel. Gain efficiency by using just one tool. Increase your customer portfolio. Optimize your relationship and communication with customers.

Marketing Departments and managers

Manage all your team and employees' tasks from one tool. Fast and easy onboarding for new employees and customers. Optimize your department budget. Easy task allocation for your team leaders.

Marketing agencies

Decrease time spent in meetings. Allocate tasks and manage the time spent. Reduces the high number of tools implemented. Boost your client’s conversions and costs.

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